The Degenerates Esquires Good Friday 2017

The Degenerates Bedford Esquires Good Friday 2017. There are more photographs here: The Degenerates Esquires Good Friday 2017 Live music an ideal way to spend an evening, support your local venue before it goes.    

The Dickies Bedford Esquires July 2016

The Dickies Bedford Esquires 28th July 2016 The LA punk comedy rockers going since 1977, the singers voice was shot but a good time was had by all regardless. More images are here; The Dickies Bedford 2016 Or just click on a picture      

A New Leader

The party are looking for a new dear leader and Michael Goraffe has decided to throw his hat into the ring, here he is talking to the press about truth and experts. Any similarity to people living or dead is a pure coincidence and a fluke of time and nature.  


When an increase is called a decrease an double speak comes along as it frequently does. 


Representing a period of running no car, I do not recommend it though you save some money. However you can not just decide to go off to some place at 3am if you want.

Eaton Socon

Wow this place was exciting And this driver should pay a bit more attention to others on the road rather than put offensive stickers on his van.

Service Stations 01 Watford Gap South Bound

These are the first of a series of Motorway and Trunk-road service station photographs. The service station is a place we often stop at but really ignore they are a kind of non place, apart from those who work there they are never a destination just a pause in  the journey. So set 1 Watford […]

The Reformers

Queens Tavern Bedford 13 Feb More here; Reformers And more of my images here;


Emily Davison died under the kings horse on the 4th of June 1913 to fight for your Vote don’t give it up.

Infinite Traces Show

Featuring some superb and interesting art works from the Cass MA Fine Art and MA Photography students including myself. All welcome